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Ecomency A2 || Mark your Exclusiveness

Ecomency A2 || Mark your Exclusiveness

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Elevate your brand's exclusivity with Ecomency A2, a meticulously crafted Shopify store designed to mark your presence in the digital landscape. With a premium 'Wokiee' theme, responsive design, and pre-written content, Ecomency A2 offers a seamless fusion of aesthetics and functionality. Step into the realm of online entrepreneurship with confidence and let Ecomency A2 propel your brand to new heights of success.

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➡ Live Preview
✅ Start Selling Instantly
✅ 100% Ownership and Control
✅ Well-Researched Winning Products
✅ Customized Logo & Branding

With extreme pleasure in heart, we have set up the store for your “ready to sell online” ambition. We have brought the Shopify software in use to develop an eye-catching store. It is a platform that allows you the unlimited access to craft a website for your products or services. Ecomency has worked on a premium theme, the ‘Wokiee’ for the Ecomency A2 to fabricate a store that can fit into your business needs.

The graphics related management has been handled by the experienced graphic designer. Adobe, with its impeccable pack of features, enables us to design the graphics to hone the store. From web developing to graphics and everything in between build on the bewildering fact for the Ecomency A2 store. 

Endeavouring on the layout, we have created a responsive store which can be handled and navigated swiftly through every device. Hence, Ecomency A2, being a mobile friendly store, is simple and easy to use, maintain, and update. Without any hassle you can land on any page of the store, because of its quick loading optimization.

A brand centric ‘About Us’ will steal your gaze that elucidates a lot about your fashion products. We provide you with content which will narrate the story of quality, fabrication, packaging, checkouts and delivery for your business. Ecomency A2 owns pre-written Facebook and Instagram content along with the meta data to pull off your digital marketing, and social media marketing goals. 

What do you get with Ecomency A2?

  • You get a hold of an absolute “ready to establish” business.
  • It has a ready set-up with products already added in the inventory. 
  • A fully automated website on Shopify.
  • Responsive to every device with quick loading optimization.
  • SEO optimized services to rank on the top for the products similar to what you offer like men's and women's clothing, shoes, and accessories.
  • Already written content to enhance the familiarity with the business.
  • To build on the aesthetics, we have toiled up the graphics like logos, and banners.
  • A free personalization on demand. 
  • Guidance, and solutions to every query for eternity. 

With a touch of purposive customisation, your store is ready to drift its never ending sales!


Software – Shopify
Compatible Browsers – IE9+, Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox
Documentation – Yes
License – GPL
Version – 1.0.1
Layout – Responsive
Columns – 4
Files Included – php, html, JS, css

Additional features:

✅Professionally designed and responsive Shopify store
✅Best selling/winning products (15-50)
Customized theme
Trustworthy brand
Professional logo
✅Customer reviews
All required Shopify apps
✅SEO optimized title
✅Contact form
✅Urgency & Scarcity
Conversion boosters
Currency converter
✅Privacy/Legal pages
✅Professionally designed Instagram and Facebook page
✅Sales channel setup
✅Google Analytics installed
✅Facebook Pixel Intalled
✅30 days free support (edited) 

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