How to start a Shopify Dropshipping Business?

How to start a Shopify Dropshipping Business?

Dwindling the hassle in labor, and postulating own inventory, Dropshipping on Shopify is a new trend of E-commerce businesses. What basically you are doing is taking up the order from your customer, and passing it on to the third-party supplier, who in exchange fulfills the order by shipping it directly to the customer. The whole process accumulated in Dropshipping company is a breezy journey that pertinents to no inventory, no packaging, and no shipping. 

Components of Investments in Dropshipping Business

Dropshipping may sound as easy as pie to ears but when it comes to return on investment, it is a long process to make sales proliferative. Either you have to invest heavily on time, or have to economize your ecommerce through a hefty budget. 

Investing time, and sweat in bootstrapping your e-store takes a minimum of 6 months so it becomes a long tenure to actually earn money, and clinch as an employed and white-collar professional. But it succours in devising a website and marketing strategies exactly a replica of your visionaries, thoughtful actions, and data-driven intelligent decisions. It gives a better knowledge about customers and the market you are striving hard to set yourself in. The series of information will eventually lead you to be in the shoes of your audience, and will make you a better customer-friendly entrepreneur. A little balance in time investment will pay off the maximised ROI focused results. And as your business starts flourishing online, you can make a better slideshow of ecommerce as the cash flow, and affordability fits into your pocket. 

When it is about saving, and investing budget in ecommerce without any prior knowledge about Dropshipping, it will unequivocally cost heavily for nothing. Digital success is viable through infallibly ready money, but is advisably denied to fall in the money cycle while Dropshipping your products. If you have a bunch of money, then it is obvious that you will hire expensive programmers, web developers, digital marketers, copywriters, and data analysts. It would lead to you nothing but adding on a larger profit value in their salaries. However, you plan to run your dropshipping business online, you must take the stirring in your hands, so as to harness the outset of your digital venture whenever required, and to wherever success escorting direction takes you to. 

Moreover, you will need a reasonable fund upto $1,000 which will bear the expenses like web hosting, domain charges, Shopify premium themes, and dropshipping suppliers. To make your business run or launch as a live ecommerce company on Shopify, you have to pay a certain cost in accordance to your store designing and features. Plus, you will need a budget to pay any incorporation fees like EIN (Employer Identification Number). The EIN number is required by all the businesses that are appurtenant to the United States, and is not liable to other country’s businesses. Following just a few easy, and nimble steps, you can avail your EIN number online for free of cost. 

How to Start Shopify Dropshipping Business — An Absolute Easy Guide 

Starting a dropshipping business is an easy setup, only if you have a precise knowledge about the steps. Let’s go through a quick and easy guide to how you can start out your Shopify Dropshipping Business:- 

  • Know the Niche of your Shopify Dropshipping Business

When concept meets reality!

Before plunging into the outset of your digital venture, it is imperative to know in what niche you will eventually serve. Just after launching yourself as a verified Shopify Dropshipping Business, you will need a vocation to be the potential owner.

It is all about a niche that builds competency, and anticipates eternal growth forever. Before hopping on Shopify design, and website development, you can spend quality time to do some research on what goods might be best for you to start with. Start thinking about the collection you want to serve your target audience. Lay out a digital marketing plan, because if it is not pre-planned, then might elevate the chances of your business to fall flat online. 

Know your audience, research keywords that you are going to use all along your standalone website, and ad campaigns, the competition that might dwindle your sales, and strategize about do’s and don’ts. To help you a bit in acknowledging what is trendy, and is worth it to be your niche, Shopify postulates a list of trending products which is based on the top most selling product categories on the platform. 

Niche makes selling to a specific audience a plain sailing experience.d It also allures a passionate customer base to your brand forging their trust and fidelity for perpetuity. Few examples of a niche for a Shopify Dropshipping Business can be fashion, beauty products, fitness equipment, iPhone, and other mobile accessories, jewelry, and pet supplies can prove to be good, and captivating ideas. The more interactive your niche is, the more sales it will cause to you. 

Tools like Google TrendsKeywords Everywhere, and Oberlo Order Volume will guide you in testing your prolific, and sales drifting dropshipping business ideas. 

  • Competitor Research for Shopify Dropshipping Business


What other businesses in the same sector are doing?

Dropshipping is however a beneficial business online, but also, because of its favourable attributes, it curates a high competition amongst the same niches. This factor aggrandize the obligation of researching competition and looking after competitors that what they are doing in their company to design unerring business, and hence, what can you do to keep one step ahead of the rest of the competitors. 

It will give you a better knowledge in the vivid aspects of workings, and functions of digital marketing, especially when you are into Dropshipping. Their one mistake can be a plus point of your store. The better they will do, the more you will bloom — this is the reaping benefit of researching your competition. No matter if you have a lot of competitors, you can still narrow down your research to ideal 5-6 other dropshipping companies, including top-notch ecommerce brands like Amazon, and Flipkart. Other companies’ steps will guide you to a better pace, which will be a data-driven decision. 

Some of the brisk competition research remedies are:

  • Perform Google Search with keywords specific to your dropshipping business.
  • Riffle through social media that what sort of customers a dropshipping business is serving to. 
  • Bring in the use of tools like SimilarWeb, and Alexa
  • Subscribe to the competitors’ newsletters, and email lists. 
  • Name your Shopify Dropshipping Store

          Spread the word for your business! 

Naming your Shopify Dropshipping store is the pivotal role while setting out on the journey on a digital platform. It is the word your business will be called by. The premium brands like Amazon are known by its name today, for they have earned it after years of brand awareness, marketing, designing, and advertising strategies. 

The name of your store should be potent enough to elucidate most about your brand like niche, and collections. Here are some tips that you must keep in mind while baptising the Shopify Dropshipping store:

  • Keep it lucid.
  • Be inventive.
  • Be relevant.
  • Make it captivating.
  • Make it impressive.
  • Should not limit your business growth.
  • Must have some meaning.

Oberlo, an app of Shopify’s ecommerce platform, grants the access of assorted names for your Shopify dropshipping store. Just by following the instructions on Oberlo you can easily generate a name that will not only save you time, but is completely free to use. All you have to do is enter a name that you want your e-store to have in the Oberlo’s name generator app. A drop down list will appear with various unique, and relevant names that you can snap up for your Shopify dropshipping store. 

Right after picking up a name that has enticed you the most, you have to look over if it is taken by any other store or not. What you can do is swiftly make a Google Search with .com domain, and the search results page will let you know about any such stores in its ranking. 

It is for sure, that the easier it sounds, the not so easy it is to perform. All you have to do in your entire digital journey is to strengthen up your brains as brawns, by making intelligent decisions. 

  • Select a Dropshipping Supplier for your Shopify Dropshipping Business

Recruiting high-quality services for eternity! 

Without choosing a right dropshipping supplier, your online store is as barren as an e-store without designing. The ethos of Dropshipping is enveloped in its suppliers without whom you will not have any products to drop ship your customers, and thus, is mandatory to exist. 

Once you evaluate what products you will sell under your brand label, and it seems like all research is concluded to come by profit, now it is the most opportune moment to find an ideal dropshipping supplier. The supplier or wholesaler has to transcend in the province of premium quality, sterling customer services, hassle-free returns, and swift shipping. A plethora of in-built apps on Shopify let you discover potential suppliers by linking Oberlo app to your Shopify dropshipping store. 

Oberlo is one of the most imperative apps on Shopify, which lets you add products to your store, and drop ship them promptly to your customers. Oberlo proffers you an access to the marketplace of prodigious products to straight away import into your Shopify Dropshipping store. When you receive an order, you can fulfill it through dropshipping suppliers via Oberlo, who in return will ship the product order to your customer address. Hence, alleviates the obligation to packaging, and shipping.

Furnishing with a pre-existing inventory, Oberlo is one of the most convenient apps on the Shopify App Store, escorting through automatic order fulfillment, and inventory management. You can personally customize products in accordance to your wavering business needs, effortlessly connect Oberlo with your existing products, and even allow other people to help run your store.

Oberlo is one of the free digital platforms on Shopify where you can extend your collection upto 500 products, and can fulfill 50 orders per month via Oberlo’s dropshipping suppliers. For additional products, orders, and features, you can upgrade your Shopify Dropshipping store between $29.90, and $79.90 per month.

The Oberlo app wields the AliExpress to help you find products to add in your Shopify Dropshipping Business. The Oberlo Product Page leads to information like product quality, and shipping times. The moment you link on supplier’s link, you will land on its AliExpress page which gauges product details, top selling products, and relevant particulars. 

Oberlo’s Landing Page of AliExpress 

Track down the best suppliers and manufacturers of the products you want to drop ship. A quick checklist can help you find wholesalers or suppliers before signing on a sort of partnership with them:-

  • How do they handle returns or damaged products? 
  • How efficient their products are?
  • How long does it take them to fulfill a specific order?
  • Do they offer significant custom support, and reliance?
  • Do they ensure products?
  • What bar of concession or profit does it make to you?
  • Build your Shopify Dropshipping Store

Bolstering the Competency in Ecommerce!

Subsequently after performing niche precise search, scrutinizing competition, finding best dropshipping suppliers, now you need an ecommerce website where you will incarnate your vision, and concepts of dropshipping. You need an ecommerce platform like Shopify that has served millions of brands to get online. This will be the base of execution, where you will handle sales, payments, and will be a show window for your products. 

Shopify is one of the leading ecommerce platforms in the world. It vouchsafes the cardinal building, and designing without any coding and website technicalities; thus, letting an easier launch of your ecommerce company. From multiple places to miscellaneous payment gateways, you can sell online with a facile seven-lengths victory on Shopify. 

With just a few clicks, you can set up your own online business on smooth navigating Shopify. Even if you want a professional touch to your website, you may get in touch with Shopify Experts, and Web Developers like eComency, which is a marketplace of pre-built Shopify stores. We have complete business solutions to aggrandize your sales, and build brand awareness. With an impeccable team of designers, and website developers, we contrives the finest attributes of your honed ecommerce website. From logo to brand’s story, you will be furnished with a store that is duly ready to make its first and forever online revenues. Stay in the know to avail the Shopify Dropshipping business to bring your vision into life. A right tool all along your Shopify Dropshipping store can hit the right person at the right time.

As soon as you launch your Shopify store, you are ready to take your online business to the pinnacle of digital success. Uplift your business by establishing proper finance order such as business credit cards, business checking account, collect sales tax, and get a business license. Following each aforementioned step and strategy, no power in the world can harness or impair your global success online. 

Once you successfully start out your dropshipping business, you can slowly but effectively invest in your advertising campaigns. Until then, spend time focusing on marketing and ROI driven results. Track down your diurnal performance, and events taking place on your standalone website through Google Analytics. It will help you in a better digital marketing, display, and social media advertising. 

To take the edge off starting from the scratch, lay hold on ready-to-go stores on eComency. It escorts through pre-built Shopify stores for both, an inventory and dropshipping based businesses. Gird your loins and start your Shopify dropshipping business today.

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