Refund Policy

Do you offer refunds?

No, we don’t offer any refunds because when the customer bought the store, he/she will have all the login credentials access, so that’s why we cannot relist already purchased store to anyone else, no exceptions. But if, you have not accessed login credentials then there is a chance to offer a refund depending on the situation however there is a relisting fee of $100.

I can’t login now?

Before packaged and uploading the store to our marketplace, its credentials has been tested three times. We recommend that you must change all of your store credentials after buying one of our premade store to ensure its safety and security. It cannot be compromised at all. Check the credentials twice if you wouldn’t be able to log into our store.

If I want to change my store?

As mentioned above and in our policy, we cannot offer any refunds. We can only refund the store if you are not already signed in into our store and there is a relisting fee of $100. If you want to fully check out the stores, all the stores are live so you can preview them on your mobile phone, laptop, computers and tablets before you buy the store. We also have an option “chat with us” and we are available 24/7 so if you have any questions regarding the store you can chat with us before buying the store.