How to Find Winning Products for Dropshipping?

How to Find Winning Products for Dropshipping?

Running a dropshipping eCommerce business paves a string of hefty inventory that is near to perfect in selling trending products. Being a naive entrepreneur, you have to be very watchful about the do’s and don’ts of dropshipping business. 

Selecting the niche is one of the most important steps to dive into the eCommerce business. Once you select your eCommerce niche, build an inventory that sells niche-specific or general products that trends a lot. Though finding products to sell may sound difficult, it is imperative to fill your online store with high-quality, trending products at a better pricing model for your prospective customers. After successfully generating an inventory, the amount of profit and reach keeps on proliferating with time by tackling all the restraining circumstances. 

So what to sell? What are those winning products that will be a pertinent match to my niche? Most of the new dropshipping e-store is stuck with such similar questions. As a glorified hub of prebuilt Shopify storeseComency vouch for a few simple steps to start sourcing huge potential products to benefit your store in a big fat figure. 

How to Find Winning Products for Dropshipping?

Dropshipping businesses come with multifarious boons to entrepreneurs accompanied by some considerations while sourcing products to your store’s inventory. You need to be vigilant while identifying perfect dropshipping products so that your store stays ahead in the competition and it assists you in escalating sales. 

We recommend a few predominant things to keep in mind while searching for winning products to add to your dropshipping store’s inventory. 

1. Find Niche-Specific Dropshipping Products 

Categorizing Your Part of the Job!

A niche dropshipping business revolves around a particular category and its key products. A quality search on resources like Google Trends will let you know about the products with transcending potential in the dropshipping market. 

You can select one amongst the top niches to gain gamesmanship in your niche dropshipping sector. You can even target a seasonal niche like summer clothing and accessories, which is more likely to sell high during the summer season and you can then select another niche for winters or vice versa. 

Targeting niche-specific product trends will capsulize your search to a smaller audience, and thus aiding in less competition. It will cost you cheaper in marketing aspects and succor in ranking your store on search engines, anticipating long-term growth rate.

The top dropshipping niche, eComency usually deals with are as follows:-

Once you set up your dropshipping store, you can add on your store with winning products, all correlated to your niche. Sticking to one inventory does not fall in the barriers of niche dropshipping business. There is always an option to branch out and target your existing and new audience.

How to Find Winning Products for Dropshipping?

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  • Seek For Trending Dropshipping Products

2. Trends will Keep You Up!.

Trends will always hit your dropshipping business. So it becomes a must to stay in the know of trends prevailing in your business sector and update your inventory accordingly once in a while. Try to be different each time and source trending products before your competitors, costing you low marketing fees. 

If you narrow down your search to trending yet low competitive dropshipping products, you will have an ace in the hole. You can stay as the front seller of that particular product, plus those products will be likely to be popular in the future, bringing double the profit than invested. 

You can source trending products’ information from the following marketing tools:-

However, the success of trending products lies most in your hands as a marketing savvy. If you, somehow, manage to devise a perfect marketing stratagem, any product could lead to huge revenue. 

How to Find Winning Products for Dropshipping?

3. Do Competitor Research For Winning Dropshipping Products

An Ineffaceable Act of Success!

In eCommerce, nothing holds more importance than a competitor’s research and analysis of their respective activities, prices, offers, and inventory. Similarly, in dropshipping, keep a watch on your competitors and research their products, including marketing strategies like prices and how they are sourcing and selling them. It will help you stay ahead of them by deciphering their next possible step. 

Competitor research does not mean you have to emulate your competitors’ websites and their exact products and dealings, but you can soak up an idea about others and make the best of it. You can either perform a quick Google search or research your niche products on eCommerce websites like Amazon. It is eCommerce sites like Amazon that update their best sellers every single hour, so you can generate an idea and improvise products to your store respectively. This is how you will grasp the knowledge of perfect dropshipping products in a matter of seconds. 

How to Find Winning Products for Dropshipping?

4. Social Shopping Sites Will Tell You About Winning Dropshipping Products

Like, Comment, Share, and Recommend!

To aggrandize your search for winning dropshipping products, social shopping sites would be a great idea to go with. In social shopping sites, the smooth shopping experience is shared among a social network of people on eCommerce-enabled websites. Epitomising ‘sharing is caring’, these sites will let you know about the best products to dropship by liking, commenting, sharing, and mouth to mouth recommendation of products.

A quick skim through these websites will be a great kick-off in listing products that customers actually like, and beware of those that are being raved. Some excellent social shopping sites are:-

How to Find Winning Products for Dropshipping?

5. Google Search Finds Best Dropshipping Products

Befriend Google for a Swift Dropshipping Venture!

No matter how much online marketing progresses, Google search will have its separate users. Simply, search for your niche products, and Google will enlist many websites and blogs that describe best sellers or prospective new arrivals in the dropshipping business. Browse through them, check off the conceivable possibilities, and source products for your inventory.

You can search your queries in different ways. Consider the following example:-

  • Best selling products for 2021
  • Products for your niche (wellness, beauty, and so on…)
  • Excellent dropshipping products

As an eCommerce agency, we always keep eye on trending products and create stores based on that. If you are not able to research and find the winning products yourself, the option is always available to buy eCommerce stores.

Go through these results, research other prospects of the products that excite your interest, and then offer your customers a great deal.

As the expertise of dropshipping, we can compile trending dropshipping products to sell in 2021 as follows:-

  • Women’s fashion – shapewear, activewear, beauty products like – eyelashes.
  • Hair accessories – hairbrush, laser hair removal, hair extension.
  • Tech products – phone cases, wireless earbuds.

Once you have added your inventory, your part of the job is not done yet. Keep a close eye on the market fluctuation, enlist other highly relatable products, and update your pricing ranges from time to time. Hire reliable suppliers who can provide products with high-quality at a reasonable price and meet the delivery times. Dropshipping is not a single day meal, but a long-term, attentive process where you have to invest time equitable to knowledge.

Following the above ideas, eComency is known to put in a little too much effort in adding products to your prebuilt dropshipping store through AliExpress. We take on your prebuilt dropshipping Shopify store to another height through a perfect amalgamation of website designing and development and trending products. Imbibe digital success with winning dropshipping products!


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