Which are the Essential Apps for your Shopify Store?

Which are the Essential Apps for your Shopify Store?

Shopify is the leading platform that holds pre-setup for your Digital Marketing goals. Whether it is about lifting your e-commerce to top, or establishing your digital presence, thousands of essential, and free apps in the Shopify App Store awaits your touch. Every store transpires with the tenderness for the past, boldness for the present, and hope for the future. This hope stands for your store having a lot in the trail of e-commerce, that is yet to be attained, and this process goes on for eternity. 

Digital Marketing has swathes of possibilities, strategies, organisation, and management. In every consecutive stride, taken towards the ultimate goal, there is definitely an app for all your business needs. If you want to add customer reviews, ameliorate your Shopify store’s email marketing, re-target a specific audience, publish your products to social media, or get in-depth analytics, there are manifold assorted Shopify Apps to enhance your online store. 

Shopify Apps owns their ethos in increasing sales. Where one is recruited for email marketing, other has a charge of converting visitors into customers, and consecutively other prodigious apps are designated with other diversified roles. Unlocking various functionalities, and opportunities, Shopify App Store will aggrandize your site for a better customer experience, and drift more sales. Just with a little browsing, you can select an app that fits your unique e-commerce needs the most, and you are all ready with an enhanced Shopify store. 

List of Shopify Apps used in Ecomency:

Ecomency, being a marketplace of pre-built Shopify stores by Digital Marketing Experts, endeavors on top 7 free Shopify apps for your store:

  1. Abandoned Cart Recovery:

Out of multiple essential, and free apps on Shopify App Store, Abandoned Cart Recovery is of great worth. Whenever your customer adds products to their cart, and leaves without completing an order, you can send automated reminders to customers using Abandoned Cart Recovery. The app automatically generates an email, after a cart or checkout is abandoned for 24 hours.

You can personally customize the email’s subject, message, header, and footer to match your branding needs. The email sent in 24 hours possesses a ‘Complete Your Order’ button that directs your customer to Review the Cart page. Customers will receive abandoned cart email if they have logged into their customer account, left the checkout page without confirming the order in cart, or at least one product in the cart is in stock.

For a relief, customers can opt out from any future Abandoned Cart emails for your Shopify store. Thus, Abandoned Cart Recovery forges an infinite strategy to propel your customers to make a purchase, and hence, attracts future purchasing hopes from the same customers. 

  1. Klaviyo:

Acknowledging the essence of email marketing, Shopify has an app called Klaviyo. It is a cloud based e-commerce solution that assists in sending targeted email campaigns. The app easily gets connected to your Shopify store to build automated email sequences, target campaigns based on assorted metrics. 

The way your customer is showing interest in your Shopify store, purchasing, wishlisting their favourites, and also, how customers have interacted with past emails like click through rate, accumulates ‘metrics’. 

Klaviyo is a free Shopify app with the usability upto 200 subscribers, and 500 email sends. Strengthening your email marketing campaigns, and other strategies, Klaviyo is definitely what you need to accentuate your sales. 

  1. Oberlo: 

Dropshipping is one of the evolving, and trending e-commerce business on Shopify. Taking the edge of the hassle of own inventory, packaging, and shipping, it is the most rationalized form of retail business; wherein the seller takes up the order from the customer, passes on the product order to the third-party supplier, who in exchange fulfills the order by shipping it directly to the customer. 

Oberlo is one of the most imperative apps on Shopify, which lets you add products to your store, and drop ship them promptly to your customers. Oberlo proffers you an access to the marketplace of prodigious products to straight away import into your Shopify store. When you receive an order, you can fulfill it through dropshipping suppliers via Oberlo, who in return will ship the product order to your customer address. Hence, alleviates the obligation to packaging, and shipping.

Furnishing with a pre-existing inventory, Oberlo is one of the most convenient apps on the Shopify App Store, escorting through automatic order fulfillment, and inventory management. You can personally customize products in accordance to your wavering business needs, effortlessly connect Oberlo with your existing products, and even allow other people to help run your store.

Oberlo is a free digital platform on Shopify, where you can extend your collection upto 500 products, and can fulfill 50 orders per month via Oberlo’s dropshipping suppliers. For additional products, orders, and features, you can upgrade at between $29.90, and $79.90 per month.

  1. Product Reviews:

Out of every section of your Shopify store, the Product Reviews section holds unsurpassable importance. Product Reviews app allows you to add your customer reviews to your products. The feedback given by your customer not only encourages other potential customers to buy your product, but also lets you know in which province you are supposed to revamp your store, and customer services. 

According to an eMarketer report, solely 2% of consumers, and website visitors do not pay any heed to the product reviews section. Also, the content published in Product Reviews aids in Search Engine Optimization, means the unique keywords used in reviews is a gateway for product pages to be found on search engines. Thus, being an infrangible part of an online store’s branding, and marketing, Shopify has an app called ‘Product Reviews’ to build trust, and loyalty on your brand label. 

  1. PushOwl:

PushOwl is an automated web push notification app that lets you re-target the audience, who has left somewhere in the halfway before making any purchase. It is an excelling mode to incredibly increase sales, and re-engage visitors to your Shopify store. 

A thoughtful, and staggering push notification can do wonders for bringing users back to products. You can let your customers know about the new catalogue or product, price drop alerts, back in stock details, fascinating deals, blog posts, and other eminent updates through the web push notification, similar to what you offer in email marketing. 

PushOwl does not ask the user for any personal details like an email address, it is a one click opt-in. You can stimulate abandoned cart notifications, and elevate your sales forever. 

  1. SEO Image Optimizer: 

The world’s second biggest search engine is Google Images, with an approximate 26% of searches. One of Google’s considerations while ranking an order for a specific search is Image Optimization. Thus, neglecting image size, and relevance, hone alt text, and proper target keywords can wreak havoc on your SEO rankings. 

SEO Image Optimizer helps in resizing the image into lower pixels to alleviate the page loading time. Plus, it adjusts alt tags, and file names across your Shopify store to be better optimized for search. Idealizing the lifeblood of your store for social media platforms, it resizes images, and adds watermarks with your branding label, on need. 

Optimizing your Shopify store images for Google Images Search, channelize a medium to reach out to millions of visitors, and vitalizes the existing, and potential customers. The app automatically optimizes the alt text for every image on your store for Google, and checks new images on a weekly basis. 

Available in two plans — a Free, and a Pro plan at $24.99/month, SEO Image Optimizer benefits every Shopify store. 

  1. Upsell and Cross-sell Products:

Upselling, and Cross selling products on Shopify is a great mode to proliferate your customer’s shopping cart size, and average order value. The app supports you to add automated product recommendations based on their cart, and different SKUs, which you are free to customize as needed. It sets up more personalized recommendations to the user for nimble, and hassle-free shopping. 

Bold, and to the point upselling, and cross selling, lets you exhibit a pop-up to your customers, while they shop in your Shopify store. Your customer can then add the offer to their cart with a single click, and thus, results in increased cart size, and average order value. Upsell, and Cross-sell Products app, also, displays up to three upsells in a single funnel. It performs customisation of the funnel based on whether your customers accept or decline the previous popped-up upsell.

The aforementioned Shopify apps are the breathtaking, and sales elevating apps used for each pre-built store on Ecomency’s marketplace. They not only make marketing swift, and agile, but convenient too.

Snag your pre-built Shopify store donned in jaw-dropping Shopify Apps on Ecomency!

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