What is the Facebook Sales Channel?

What is the Facebook Sales Channel?

Facebook and Shopify are both two different platforms, yet integrates substantially on digital selling estrade. Linking your Facebook Business Page with your business’s Shopify store is not only hassle-free and a facile process, but also directs more customers to your online store. Henceforth, this integration assists in ascending and strengthening your digital marketing campaigns. 

What exactly does ‘A Sales Channel’ Mean?

A Sales Channel is basically a place where you are setting yourself as a business and will eventually sell your merch. All the places including your online store is a Sales Channel. In fact selling on popular places like Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, etc. can get your business a better coverage in advertising, and drifting sales.

Facebook Sales Channel is precisely designed and built in a way to link with your Facebook Business Page. Whenever and however someone browse or riffle through your store on Facebook, they will find a similar store and whole selection just like it is in your standalone website. Hence, alleviating the stumbling block to open up a new tab to your online store. 

Why to integrate Facebook with Shopify?

The benefits of integrating Facebook and Shopify will accelerate your social selling game in following prodigious ways:-

  1. From a giant list of benefits in amalgamation with Shopify, it can vitalize the ease for making a change in one place, and will automatically update to the next. If you feel the urgency of customising any product, description, or pricing, do it straight on Shopify admin and it will consequently get updated on your Facebook store as well. 
  1. Facebook being the number one social media platform in terms of users, and feasibility proffers you the access to reach, connect and sell to millions of Facebook users. Hence, engendering a pristine set of audience. 
  1. A Facebook Sales Channel elucidates your products and services just the way your independent online store does. Through Facebook many of the Facebook users can shop your products or use it in seeking details about the products they want.
  1. Your Facebook Business Page can be used to interact with potential customers, in sponsoring products, and hosting a store. You can have one-on-one communication with your customers, so they feel a sense of reliability, and confidence in your store and its products. 
  1. Through your Facebook Business Page you can launch an online, social media marketing campaign. Running ads after segmenting your audience into categories like demographics (age, gender), location (locals or global), and interests in products they have already manifested can prove to be a milestone in displaying, and advertising your products all over the world. 
  1. Keeping customers engrossed in your products or services offered by your online business is the best way to invite new customers and grab the attention of existing ones. Your Facebook business Page could prove to be a beneficial place to post engaging announcements, valuable product reviews and recent launches, or other relevant content that you think your customers would be interested in.
  1. Facebook Business Page and Sales Channel truncates the distance for communication between you and your target audience. They can then go directly to your Facebook Page and shop there, or can be competently directed to your standalone Shopify store. 
  1. Purchasing a product through Facebook is not only secure but customers can also save the payment information for their future purchases. 
  1. You can use Messenger chat to talk to your customers directly and personally help them find what they are exactly looking for. You can narrow down a plethora of options in the vivid collections or categories they are interested in. Thereafter, customers can buy directly through Messenger and can track their orders too.
  1. As the larger audience of Facebook uses mobile, the Facebook Sales Channel is optimised to display on mobiles screens, and for quick loading performances. Thus, Facebook becomes a mobile and desktop friendly, sales channel alternative for your online store.
  1. The more you will sell online, the more you will covet for your permanent customers. The Facebook Sales Channel also includes a ‘Subscribe’ button which will update your gathered followers about the new products, whopping deals, and significant announcements about your store.

How to set up your Facebook Sales Channel?

Setting up a Facebook Sales Channel is as easy and convenient as browsing a selection. If you have created a Facebook Business Page, then you can sell your products or services by adding the Facebook Sales Channel. Neither the process is prolonged nor is time consuming. By following few simple steps you can open up the Facebook Sales Channel through your Shopify Admin, and you are ready to sell your products on Facebook:- 

  1. Sign into your ‘Shopify Admin’.
  2. Click ‘+’ button just next to the ‘Sales Channel’ button at the left hand menu.
  3. Click the ‘Add’ button on the right next to Facebook in the Add Sales Channel dialog.
  4. Hereafter, click the ‘Connect’ button to add your facebook account.

This will elicit you to login to your existing Facebook account, and then select the Facebook Business Page that you want to link to your Shopify store.

Just after you have connected a Business Page to Shopify, Facebook will begin reviewing your store and products to gather the data. This usually takes a duration of 48 hours, but sometimes can even take a day or two longer. If it has been longer than 4 days, and your page still has not been approved by Shopify, simply disconnect and un-link your account from the Facebook Sales Channel. Then re-do the steps from the first step. If, even after four days from the second time you linked your Facebook account, has not been approved, then reach out to Shopify’s Support for help troubleshooting.

As soon as your account has been verified and your Shopify’s store data is retrieved on Facebook Sales Channel, you will be notified via email. 

Because of the multiple sales benefits and easy linking, you can integrate your Facebook with Shopify. Without any hazards of sales or hitch of efforts you can make your products sell on social platforms like Facebook. The honing mode for accumulating sales, and to lessen the website trafficking, Facebook Sales Channel stands firmly as the best alternative to pull off your social selling strategies.

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